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News: National

This page and any related sub-pages provide information about this subject:

News of national interest in the United States

(To access sub-pages, go to Sidebar 1.)

Please also refer to these other locations:

  • Pages (in Sidebar 1) for specific states that may be dealing with legislation, court cases, etc. for that subject.
  • Posts (i.e., the dated entries displayed in this left-hand side of the blog). Sidebar 2 provides multiple search methods.
  • Links (in Sidebar 3) for other Web sites with information about the subject.




Update in mid-August 2009:

To reduce the number of sub-pages listed in the sidebar of this blog, I attempted to “hide” the titles of some pages that are not particularly busy at this time. The goal was to keep the information available without having the titles listed for direct access from the sidebar. But that didn’t work the way I had hoped. I have to make the sub-page titles disappear in another way.

Therefore, if you want to view any of them (listed below), please send a comment identifying the one(s) you want to view, and I will make the page(s) display again. Don’t worry, a comment for that purpose (i.e., to request to view pages) does not need to be posted unless you want it to be. Please specifically state it, if you do want your page-view-request comment to be posted.

(Note that if you click on the links below, you will see an error message that begins with “404: Page Not Found”. The links are included below for my reference to be able to re-display the pages.)

These are the pages available to be viewed upon request:

Hamilton: Nomination Pending


Unborn Victims of Violence Act


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