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Mexican Bishop Braves Attacks After Issuing “Ten Electoral Commandments”

April 6th, 2009 by Matthew Cullinan Hoffman

The Catholic Bishop of Cuernavaca in the state of Morelos, Mexico is standing his ground in the face of heavy opposition against his “Ten Electoral Commandments,” which state that Catholics should not vote for parties favoring the legalization of abortion, homosexual unions, euthanasia, and pornography, among other policies.

Bishop Florencio Olvera is distributing a pamphlet to all of the parishes of the diocese which contains the “commandments” as well as principles to follow in deciding on who to vote for in Mexico’s coming mid-term elections.

Although Olvera does not explicitly name any political parties, the state’s Federal Elections Institute official, Dagoberto Santos Trigo, is urging federal officials to fine him for violating Mexico’s constitution, which forbids the involvement of the clergy in politics. He has also been denounced by homosexual groups, as well as a representative of the Social Democratic Party (PSD), which promotes many of the measures condemned by Olvera.

In an interview with the Cuernavaca Sol newspaper, Olvera reiterated that “I’m not telling them for whom to vote, nor supporting any political party. What I’m presenting are natural principles and truths, and aside from being a bishop I am a citizen and I have the right to express myself.”

Bishop Olvera has been formally denounced by political parties in previous election years, but has not been prosecuted for his activities so far.

In a homily last Sunday, Olvera responded to his critics, stating that “we should all love everyone, gays, our sisters who are lesbians and prostitutes, even those who commit assault and kidnapping. They are human persons and we should love them, but we cannot accept their vice. Are we going to bless the kidnapper because he is a kidnapper? Of course not. Are we going to bless those who preach abortion, no, and so on.”

“They criticize you,” he continued. “You stay firm to your principles, because you are proclaiming the good, the great, that which is useful.” He urged people to pray “for those who promote abortion, euthanasia, and don’t let yourself be fooled, and tell them: I respect you as people, but your actions are evil, they are not of Christ.”

Olvera also said that “this is what I always preach, and I have never indicated anyone in particular. Now I am complaining, yes, as they are making false accusations against me. Let them do what they want, but I will always preach this.”


Added 090819:

Mexico Sees Pro-Life Attorneys File Lawsuit to Overturn Mexico City Abortion Law

by Steven Ertelt, Editor

August 18, 2009

Washington, DC ( — A group of pro-life Catholic attorneys in Mexico have filed a second legal challenge to the recent law in Mexico City that legalized abortions. The federal district’s legislative assembly, in April 2007, approved a bill that legalized abortion within the first 12 weeks of pregnancy.

While legal abortions in very limited cases such as rape and incest occur in various parts of the country, Mexico largely prohibits abortions.

The Archdiocese of Mexico City’s weekly newspaper, Desde la Fe, said in April that 23,000 abortions that have been done since legalization and notes that at least 14 women have died from legal abortions in just two years.

A prior legal challenge filed at the nation’s top Supreme Court that pro-life advocates said was a partial victory because it did not establish abortion as a constitutional right that would affect all states and jurisdictions in Mexico.

Now, the College of Catholic Lawyers of Mexico has filed a legal complaint with the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights. The group contends the abortion law violates Article 1 of the American Declaration on the Rights and Duties of Man.

They say the Mexico City law legalizing abortions “violates the human rights of the unborn and disassociates from them the term death, which seems to erase their status as human beings and does not recognize that their lives are being ended.”

In its editorial, the Catholic newspaper warned that the “immoral, unjust and intrinsically perverse” legal abortion law is disrupting “the consciences of all those involved,” and making it so the next generation of Mexicans see killing unborn children as a normal part of society.

The newspaper praised the efforts by the state legislatures of numerous Mexican states in the last few months to strengthen their own laws prohibiting abortions.

Jorge Serrano Limon, the head of the anti-abortion group Provida, told the Christian Science Monitor after the Mexico City vote that he’s concerned that if abortion is legalized that euthanasia will be next.

“Today it’s abortion; tomorrow it’s euthanasia,” he says. “It will be a chain that denigrates Mexican society.”

Raimundo Rojas, the Hispanic outreach director for National Right to Life, urges pro-life advocates to continue working to stop abortions in Mexico.

“The push for a world-wide ‘right to abortion’ never ends because pro-abortion forces strategically chose areas where pro-life laws are vulnerable. Places where left-leaning governments are in place are their favorite targets, due to the fact that as a rule, leftist governments are anti-church and very liberal on social issues,” he told

“Pro-lifers in Mexico City have much work ahead of them, and they must take their fight to the streets. It is imperative for them to take this argument to the good people of Mexico City and in the strongest possible terms make them aware that abortion destroys,” he added.

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