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News: International

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News of international interest

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Defense, Nuclear

Russian Church

UN Gender Policies


Added 090821F
Gynecologists in Spain plan to choose jail before performing an abortion

Added 090824M

British Pro-Life Group SPUC Launches New Petition, Amnesty for Babies

London, England ( — The British pro-life group SPCU has launched a new petition called Amnesty for Babies designed to target the misuse of international law to promote abortions across the world. “Considering the growing menace of abortion worldwide, it is time for a new response which aims to ensure that international law is applied correctly in protecting the unborn,” the roup told last week. “International law in fact upholds the equal right to life of all unborn children. Amnesty for Babies is a pro-life initiative to petition to the international community to ensure to the maximum extent possible the survival and development of the child before as well as after birth and adopt all measures necessary to protect adequately human life and dignity in the application of life sciences. Pro-life advocates anywhere in the world can go to to download the petition and start gathering signatures. National and regional organizations around the world are invited to become co-sponsors of the petition.

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