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Health Care Legislation

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Health Care Legislation

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Added 090819

Health Care Bills Could Result in 300-600K More Abortions, Scrap Pro-Life Laws

by Maria Vitale, August 18, 2009

. . .

We know from experience that taxpayer funding of abortion results in more abortions. It’s been estimated that the health care reform plans now on the table could increase abortions by 300,000 to 600,000 a year because of federal subsidies for abortion. The more lives that are sacrificed, the more trauma for families, the more pain for women, the more costs for society. So much for the “cost-cutting” aspects of health care reform.

The Senate plan could also mean the nullification of many state abortion laws. This is a critical point.

(See rest of article at the link noted above. . .)


Added 090821F Poll: Majority of Americans Understand Health Care Bills Mean Abortion Funding Statewide Campaign Against Tax-Funded Abortion Launched in California In reducing abortions, House bills diverge Pro-lifers: Both Ryan & his bill not pro-life


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