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Noticed in mid-August 2009:

This page was apparently not previously displayed.
Perhaps I had wanted to work on it further, before doing so.


This page and any related sub-pages provide information about this subject:

“FOCA” (Freedom of Choice Act)

(To access sub-pages, go to Sidebar 1.)

Please also refer to these other locations:

  • Pages (in Sidebar 1) for specific states that may be dealing with legislation, court cases, etc. for that subject.
  • Posts (i.e., the dated entries displayed in this left-hand side of the blog). Sidebar 2 provides multiple search methods.
  • Links (in Sidebar 3) for other Web sites with information about the subject.


Individual states are trying to pass legislation that “looks like” FOCA while other states are passing laws that counter it.

Links to articles:


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