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This page is likely to be revised, a little at a time, so please return to it once in awhile.
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090325 (that’s my shorthand for 2009 March 25):

It is an extension of a ministry that began with a simple emailing list at one parish. The list gradually expanded to include family and friends in other churches, cities, and states.

The volume of information to share is sometimes too much to send via email — don’t want to fill your inbox with information that might not interest you.

Using this blog will allow me to gather and draw attention to information that many people are interested in — but you simply don’t have enough time to do the research.

  • The writer/blogger/administrator of this site is known as “Faith Citizen” and is a volunteer who has been blessed with more time available than most people have for this type of ministry. I thank God for the opportunity to do this!
  • The term “blog” is from the two words “Web” and “log”. Types and purposes of blogs vary. BFC focuses on news about legislation, court cases, and other matters that concern pro-life, pro-marriage, and pro-family readers.
  • As with most blogs, there is an option for readers to send comments to the blogger. “Comment Moderation” is active, so your comment will not be displayed immediately. (Please do not confuse this type of comment with the comments that you are urged to send to HHS — see the appropriate areas of this blog for details about that.)
  • If you’ve never visited a blog before, it might take a little while getting familiar with how the different parts of it work. There are navigation tips provided, but if you need further help, please feel free to ask. (The blogger doesn’t have control over all aspects of the site’s template, but is trying to find out if some of the font sizes can be adjusted.)
  • As with construction of roads and buildings, this blog is a “work in progress” that is being made accessible to you before it is completed. So please don’t think that one look is enough. Try visiting once a week — more often if you can!
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  1. May 11, 2009 4:13 pm

    I thought this might interest you. Feel free to use part or whole.



    National Physicians Group Questions NIH’s Plans for Taxpayer-Funded Embryonic Stem Cell Research

    HOLLAND, MI (May 11, 2009) – According to newly proposed National Institute of Health (NIH) Draft Guidelines, taxpayer funds could soon be used for human embryonic stem cells research (ESCR). Nearly 400,000 embryonic stem cells obtained originally for the purposes of in vitro fertilization (IVF), but no longer needed for that purpose, would become the target of NIH funded research.

    Unlike adult stem cell research – which has many medical benefits, is safe, has unlimited availability, and no ethical controversy – ESCR has historically offered no promising scientific results and is highly controversial among Hippocratic doctors who consider such research a flagrant disregard of human life and a violation of their medical oath to “do no harm.”

    In a prepared statement, Dr. Donna Harrison president of the American Association of Pro Life Obstetricians and Gynecologists (AAPLOG) said, “AAPLOG and its 2,500 medical professionals strongly disagree with the Obama administration’s decision to release National Institute of Health (NIH) funding for the purpose of embryonic stem cell research. Funding embryonic stem cell research does not support NIH’s policy and procedure of funding research that is ‘ethically responsible’ and ‘scientifically worthy.’”

    AAPLOG is asking concerned Americans to voice their disapproval for NIH taxpayer funded stem cell research. The proposed NIH funding guidelines are open for public comment until May 26, 2009. Voice your concern at

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