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Mother Teresa’s Anniversary

September 5, 2009

This feast day, the twelfth anniversary of her death, is a fitting day to take a look at (or listen to) Mother Teresa’s words at the National Prayer Breakfast in 1994.




Here are links to other items I found while trying to verify that this date is her feast day. (Not all blesseds and saints have their feast days on the anniversary of their deaths, i.e., the anniversary of their entrance into Heaven), but in this case the two dates are the same.)

The feast day of a saint or a blessed is a day set apart by the Church at the time of Beatification for giving special honor to the particular saint or blessed. On this day, we celebrate the memory of the Blessed or Saint, honouring his or her life, work and virtue and offer thanks to God for the wonders He has accomplished in history through this particular saint. In commemorating the feast of a Blessed or a Saint, we rejoice in the gift of his/her life lived for God in the service of His people and his/ her birth into heaven. We also draw inspiration and strength from the example of their virtues and unique gifts. The main celebration of a feast day lies in the Mass and other prayers where the Blessed or the Saint is mentioned by name or honoured; since they are closely united to God in heaven, we ask them to intercede for our needs before the throne of God and to help us on our path to union with Him. The joy of the celebration of a feast is also expressed in other festive ways (including religious and cultural events and offering something special to the poor ).

The feast of Blessed Teresa of Calcutta is on September 5th. Our preparation for her feast includes nine days of prayer at her tomb. We look to her as a model of love for God and neighbor, a beacon of light and hope, a friend and intercessor and most of all, as our Mother whose, help and guidance we can still count on.

All of the above portions of this post were prepared more than a week ago, and scheduled for publication on MT’s feast day. Here is a link to something that I found more recently

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