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Updates 090824M

August 24, 2009

Recently have done housekeeping to clear out the pages that aren’t very busy. Have also updated many of the pages. Didn’t make a list of them, so please just click on the titles that interest you to see what may have changed since the last time you checked.

Today, instead of making a “quick list” the way I have been doing on other days when in a hurry, I’m trying to put the links on pages that seem most applicable, so that the information is more useful. Along with that,  am providing a list of pages where I’ve added material (i.e., just today’s additions, not the ones made during the housekeeping on other days this month). Maybe I’ll be able to use this method more often. I think it will be more helpful than a bunch of posts with miscellaneous links and more helpful than a series of posts each with one item. Not sure, though, because pages might get too long. But for now, will try it.

Here’s the list of pages that were updated today. You can find their links in Sidebar 1.

Articles and Examples (under Conscience Rights)


End of Life: Euthanasia, Assisted Suicide, Death Penalty


Johnsen – there’s still time to oppose her nomination

News: International

Planned Parenthood

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