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July 22, 2009


Does Judge Sonia Sotomayor know the law as well as a future Supreme Court justice ought to know it? If a discussion during her confirmation hearings with Senator Tom Coburn (who is not a lawyer, but rather an experienced obstetrician) is any indication, it would seem not.

. . .

When I pointed out, in a blog post at the American Principles Project, how wrong Judge Sotomayor was in her answer to Sen. Coburn’s hypothetical, a commenter on the site challenged me to back up my statement that the legal regime in America is one of abortion-on-demand throughout the nine months of pregnancy. This tutorial is my reply to such doubters.

First we must turn to Roe v. Wade, the case that draws many thousands of protesters to the steps of the Supreme Court each January 22 in the March for Life.  . . .  [Please read his lengthy “tutorial” posted at] (same as )

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