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July 6, 2009


Trial Using Adult Stem Cells Could Result in Cure for Type 1, Juvenile, Diabetes

Lexington, KY ( — A national trial involving adult stem cells could lead to a cure, or at least a treatment for Type 1 diabetes, also called juvenile diabetes. Last week, 21-year-old Jeff Spindler, who deals with the effects of the condition, received his third and final injection of what could be adult stem cells at the University of Kentucky Hospital. He is a participant in a national trial sponsored by Osiris Therapeutics, a company based in Maryland. Researchers are trying to determine whether injected adult stem cells can repair tissue damage and help the body produce insulin. Spindler won’t find out for two years whether the injections he has been receiving contain stem cells or placebos. The study is double-blind, so even Spindler’s physicians don’t know which he’s getting. The trial tests a substance called Prochymal, which contains donated adult stem cells, not embryonic stem cells. The Prochymal injections contain mesenchymal stem cells, bone-marrow cells that repair tissue damage, Karounos told the Herald Leader newspaper. Now that Spindler has received his last injection, Karounos and other researchers will continue to monitor his health closely for the next two years. Spindler said he hasn’t felt much different after the treatments, but he is hopeful the outcome will be good. “I wanted to help them out and help find a cure if possible,” Spindler said.

Pro-Life Teachers, Educators and Students Protest Abortion at NEA Convention

San Diego, CA ( — Dozens of teachers, educators and students participated in a protest at the national convention of the National Education Association to make it clear that the group’s pro-abortion stance is wrongheaded. “A coalition of teachers, including NEA members, parents, taxpayers, students, children, and clergy staged a series of two-hour prayer-&-picket demonstration today at the National Education Association’s convention in San Diego and several NEA state affiliate office across America,” pro-life teacher Bob Pawson told “At least 120 pro-lifers supported the event at the NEA Convention, including 70 students from Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust.” Dozens of pro-life advocates joined their colleagues in protesting state and regional conventions in cities ranging from Trenton and Denver to Columbus and Lincoln, Nebraska. Pro-Life leaders such as Rev. Walter Hoye, Marie Tasy of New Jersey Right to Life, and others participated in the events. “Our goal is to make the NEA national and state leadership render our union truly neutral on abortion,” the NEA-New Jersey teacher added. NEA’s leaders must totally disengage the NEA from abortion advocacy. The NEA’s official position on abortion should be ‘No Position’ at all.” Pawson concluded, “Abortion is an economic disaster for America in general and teachers in particular. It seems like the NEA leadership is using our collective names and finances to support an act which actually destroys our profession.”

Pregnancy Center Saves American Soldier’s Unborn Child From Abortion

Indianapolis, IN ( — The following is written by Christy Ripperger, director of church partnerships at Life Centers, a network of pregnancy centers in central Indiana: “This Monday, as I was praying with volunteers outside of Planned Parenthood, we had the opportunity to meet two ladies who had come there for appointments and invite them to our Life Centers Northwest Women’s Center, just a few blocks away. Shortly after I led the first young woman to our Northwest Women’s Center for counseling, a second young lady was driving out of the parking lot of Planned Parenthood, where she had just received counsel to have an abortion. She rolled down her window and spoke with one of our counselors. This young woman told me she is a newlywed of six months, and her husband is serving in Iraq. She is dealing with severe morning sickness, she feels all alone and is overwhelmed with the thought of going through a pregnancy by herself. She attends church and is a Christian. Her husband is thrilled at the thought of having his firstborn child and wants his baby. She showed me photos of her handsome husband who is serving our country. As we discussed the miracle and gift of life, we discussed development stages of their pre-born 10-week-old child. I showed her the fetal model that is the size her baby currently is. She said she did not receive this type of eye-opening counsel at Planned Parenthood. The Holy Spirit then led us to talk about the love and loyalty that her husband has demonstrated through his life choices. We talked about his service and how her husband is defending us on foreign soil and standing for freedom for other sons and daughters. The question came immediately in the midst of the counseling. . .who is ‘defending’ his son/daughter? We both broke down in tears as we considered her husband’s love for others, which he is demonstrating by risking his life in the military, while here in the United States his firstborn child’s life was in jeopardy. This young bride prayed a tear-filled and sincere prayer telling God she would give life to her unborn child and give Him all of her fears.”


How Abortion Can Impact Parenting

The paper described a number of ways that a previous abortion can effect a woman’s relationship with her living children:

  • Increased depression and anxiety. Abortion has been linked to higher rates of maternal depression and anxiety before and after birth, which may effect the woman’s relationship with her children. In addition, depression is a common predictor for child abuse.
  • Sleep disorders and disturbances. Women who have had an abortion are more likely to experience sleep disorders compared to women who carry to term, and one survey found that many women attributed the sleep disorders to a past abortion. These sleep disturbances “could render the high energy demands of parenting more complicated.”
  • Substance abuse. Studies have found that women who had an abortion were more likely to engage in substance abuse, and also more likely to smoke or use drugs or alcohol while pregnant. Mothers who abuse drugs or alcohol are more likely to “engage in authoritarian and punitive parenting practices,” and parental substance abuse increases the risk that the children will suffer abuse or neglect.
  • Child abuse. Abortion has been associated with lower emotional support for one’s children and with a higher risk of child abuse and neglect.

Abortion has also been linked to higher rates of suicide and to a wide range of mental health disorders. Coleman was also the lead author of a study published in The Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry, which found that the children of women who had abortions have less supportive home environments and more behavioral problems than children of women without a history of abortion.2

While the review noted that not every woman may experience psychological problems after abortion that will carry over into their personal relationships, “some women will have carryover effects into the parenting realm.” The paper pointed to a need for better screening and awareness of possible psychological problems after miscarriage, adoption and abortion, and for more research to examine the effects of abortion.

Learn more: For more information on the impact of abortion, download and share our free “Recent Research” fact sheet. [See http://

St. Maria Goretti

July 6th, 2009 by Karen Lynn Ford

Maria Goretti was born on October 16, 1890 in Corinaldo, Italy to Luigi Goretti and Assunta Carlini. The Gorettis were a poor family who worked as sharecroppers in the Pontine marshes. Along with their six children, they lived with Luigi’s partner Signor Serenelli and his teen aged son Allesandro, whose mother had died.

Maria’s father died when she was just nine, so she assumed many of the household responsibilities while her mother worked in the fields. She cared for her siblings and the Serenellis, all in perfect charity. Her cheerful nature was well-known in Pontine, where most children her age would play in the dusty streets. Though unable to read and write, Maria knew and loved Jesus and Mary, and one of the most important events of her life was her First Holy Communion, for which she diligently prepared.

Because Allesandro had worked with sailors on the waterfront of Ancona, he was very worldly. His worldly outlook led to many inappropriate comments to Maria, as well as a sinful desire to be with her physically, though she was only eleven years old. On July 5, 1902, Maria was alone at the house. Allesandro propositioned her once more, and Maria bravely told him, “No! It is a sin! God does not want it!” and pleaded, for his salvation, that he would let her go. In his rage, Allesandro instead stabbed Maria 14 times. She lived for 20 hours in great pain, forgiving her attacker before she breathed her last.

Allesandro was sentenced to 30 years in prison. During his prison sentence, he fully repented of the crime after seeing a vision of Maria surrounded by lilies and forgiving him.

Allesandro and Maria’s mother, Assunta, were together almost fifty years later on June 24, 1950, when Pope Pius XII pronounced Maria Goretti a Saint and Martyr of the Universal Church to half a million people at St. Peter’s in Rome. He proposed her as the Patroness of Modern Youth and set July 6th as her feast Day, making her the youngest officially canonized Roman Catholic saint.


When Allesandro was released from prison, he went to live in the Capuchin convent of Macerata. He left the following testimony , dated May 5, 1961, which bears witness to the importance of avoiding pornography and the negative impact of much of the media, so prevalent in our times:

I’m nearly 80 years old. I’m about to depart.

Looking back at my past, I can see that in my early youth, I chose a bad path which led me to ruin myself.

My behavior was influenced by print, mass-media and bad examples which are followed by the majority of young people without even thinking. And I did the same. I was not worried.

There were a lot of generous and devoted people who surrounded me, but I paid no attention to them because a violent force blinded me and pushed me toward a wrong way of life.

When I was 20 years-old, I committed a crime of passion. Now, that memory represents something horrible for me. Maria Goretti, now a Saint, was my good Angel, sent to me through Providence to guide and save me. I still have impressed upon my heart her words of rebuke and of pardon. She prayed for me, she interceded for her murderer. Thirty years of prison followed.

If I had been of age, I would have spent all my life in prison. I accepted to be condemned because it was my own fault.

Little Maria was really my light, my protectress; with her help, I behaved well during the 27 years of prison and tried to live honestly when I was again accepted among the members of society. The Brothers of St. Francis, Capuchins from Marche, welcomed me with angelic charity into their monastery as a brother, not as a servant. I’ve been living with their community for 24 years, and now I am serenely waiting to witness the vision of God, to hug my loved ones again, and to be next to my Guardian Angel and her dear mother, Assunta.

I hope this letter that I wrote can teach others the happy lesson of avoiding evil and of always following the right path, like little children. I feel that religion with its precepts is not something we can live without, but rather it is the real comfort, the real strength in life and the only safe way in every circumstance, even the most painful ones of life.


Alessandro Serenelli leading to


Moe Wosepka, executive director of the Montana Catholic Conference, said pastoral leaders won’t support the campaign because it could have unintended consequences that may actually strengthen the Roe v. Wade decision. He said the anti-abortion community is united in the goal to end legalized abortion, but the groups differ on strategy.

“We applaud (Montana ProLife Coalition) for their efforts and God bless them, but we just don’t feel this is the right way to go about it,” Wosepka said. “Many of the pro-life experts that we have consulted with have the consensus that this could very possibly strengthen Roe v. Wade, which would weaken pro-life efforts. We don’t want to take that chance.”

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