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Quick List

June 12, 2009

Here’a a quick list of links to a variety of articles that may interest you: (found from an email with a link to

The links in the list above were collected a few days ago. Here are more that I collected today:

I wish I had time to prepare excerpts for you!

More added later in the day:

It’s important to remind you that I don’ t always read articles (that includes the comments that may be with them at their source sites) fully; often I just skim/scan to see if the topic might be worth sharing. Also, even if I have read an article fully, referencing it does not mean that I agree with all that is in it or that I recommend the source. I think that sometimes it is valuable to see other perspectives, so that we know how and what other people are thinking. So please don’t associate me directly with all the view expressed in the articles, or the way that the views are expressed. I’m just trying to share information that may give you something worth thinking about. I also want to make it very clear that this blog is my own work and not done on behalf of the parish where I volunteer. Yes, I have shared the link with people there, but this blog is not in any way to be associated with that parish. So when I do express my own views, they are mine and the parish is not responsible for them nor am I writing on behalf of the parish.

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