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Video of 3D & 4D Ultrasound

May 20, 2009

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New Pro-Life Video
Features Latest 4-D Ultrasound
“Window to the Womb”

by Steven Ertelt, Editor

May 19, 2009

Washington, DC ( — With new national polls showing a shift in the public opinion on abortion towards the pro-life perspective, ultrasound technology is getting some of the credit for the new attitude. Shari Richard, whose cutting edge Window to the Womb video has been seen by millions, has released a new version.

Almost twenty years after the debut of the videos Window to the Womb and Eyewitness to the Earliest Days of Life, which brought ultrasound images to the masses for the benefit of unborn children, the sonographer has unveiled her followup.

Eyewitness 2 and Window to the Womb 2 “The Next Generation” both employ the latest revolutionary digital ultrasound technology of 3D & 4D imaging.

“The powerful imagery from the latest ultrasound technology, combined with the history of the movement and the moving testimony of those who have suffered from abortion personally makes Window to the Womb 2 a comprehensive tool,” Richard tells

Richard suggests that schools, medical groups, pregnancy centers and pro-life advocates should make use of the new video, which can be purchased as a 3-disc package for $30.

In addition to the updated imagery, Window to the Womb 2 includes a documentary about Ian Donald, the pioneer of clinical ultrasound.

Richard, who continues Donald’s legacy, takes you through the 50 year battle of abortion fought with the scientific technology of ultrasound. It also features women and men who have had an abortion experience and they break their silence by sharing their personal stories about the grief, pain and healing from abortion.

Over 500,000 of Richard’s first pro-life videos, Window to the Womb and Eyewitness to the Earliest Days of Life were distributed and translated worldwide.

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Learn more at where you can purchase the videos to use as effective tools in raising awareness of the truth about life in the womb. There you can also view clips of the videos.

“Before I formed you in the womb I knew you…”

Jeremiah 1:5

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