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A Possible Cell Phone Option

May 20, 2009

Do any of you have experience with (or have other knowledge about) this company: I’ve seen their print ad in past years and today saw them mentioned in the email version of (dated yesterday), and would like to know more about the cell phone service that Sienna Group provides. Here’s what LSN’s message said:

5 Reasons to Use Sienna for your Cell Phone Service

Reason 1: Use Cell Phone Minutes to Build the Culture of Life!

Sienna Group offers cell phone services of comparable quality and price to customers, who in turn can designate 5% of their monthly bill to be sent to a pro-Life or Catholic charity or cause of their choice.

LifeSiteNews, for instance, as part of its fundraising efforts, is encouraging readers who sign up for Sienna services to make LifeSiteNews their designated charity.

Take action now: see 4 more reasons here:

By posting that information, I am not trying to promote Sienna Group. I would really like to hear from other people who know more about that company. But if you do decide to use their cell phone service, please consider designating (or some other pro-life cause) as the charity that you support through it.

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