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More Progress!

May 5, 2009

The Tennesssee House Finance Ways and Means Committee PASSED bill SJR0127 today! This is what the site says:

Recommended for passage w/amendments- refer to: Calendar & Rules Committee 5/5/2009

Voice Vote –

  • Ayes Prevail
  • Rep.(s) Brown, Naifeh, Shaw, Sontany requested to be recorded as voting No

I’m not sure what steps are still needed before the full House has its turn to vote. Please monitor the bill’s progress and be prepared to contact your representative to support the bill. It might be best to contact your representative now, in case the remaining steps go quickly.

090506 update inserted here:
You can read about the procedures for a bill to become law in TN at


Here is a recap of the quick notes that were previously shown in the message box on the home page of this blog. Although some of these items were for specific dates in the past, I’m including the information here to keep a record of the links, in case you want to refer to them for any reason.

For Friday, May 1:

Quick links to bring to your attention for today.

Please be sure to read the post date 090429 regarding today’s meeting at ND. There is much more going on, but I only have time for these few:

(Note: There is a brief portion near the middle that needs “listener discretion,” depending on your circumstances (e.g., the presence of children or coworkers who might overhear. Kathy Ireland twice uses a word that may not be suitable for the particular situation where you are listening to the interview. The argument she makes is very valid, but I thought you should be prepared to use discretion.)

For Monday, May 4:

Quick links to bring to your attention for today, Monday 5/4. 

TN Residents:
SJR0127 is going to the House Finance Ways and Means Committee on Tues. 5/5 at 1:30pm. Please ask those representatives to support it. See

Consider submitting comments (due May 26 at regarding NIH guidelines for stem cell research. Read about it at

“The Catholic bishops of the United States will be writing to Congress and the Administration about the need to restore and maintain barriers against the mistreatment of human life in the name of science, and we urge other concerned citizens to do the same.”

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