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Notre Dame Meeting: Pray for Solution

April 29, 2009

There is a meeting at Notre Dame this Friday that MIGHT be an opportunity for changing plans for the May 17th commencement events.

  • In preparation for that meeting , the sponsors of a petition delivered the first 300,00 signatures to the university, as well as to several Church officials.
  • Perhaps Mary Ann Glendon’s decision to not accept an award there may serve as the “last straw” type of catalyst for the board members to find a solution to alleviate some of the harm caused by their plans to award an honorary degree to someone whose actions are so contrary to the protection of innocent human life.
  • At last count, 53 bishops have expressed their views of the inconsistency of ND’s plans compared to the teachings of the Church.
  • And 8.2 million dollars is being withheld by alumni.

Please pray that in the meeting on May 1, the ND board members will make appropriate decisions to turn the University in a direction that is more clearly in accordance with its Catholic identity and pro-life stance.


If you can spare the time, you might want to skim one or more of the articles detailing the news noted above. 


  • Petition signatures delivered (article is block quoted later in this post):


  •  MAGlendon receiving “Hero at Heart” award from Life Issues Institute, following her decision to decline an award from ND:


  •  At least 53 bishops have spoken: 

  • Cardinal Rigali interview:


  • Alumni speak with their wallets:


Here is the article about the meeting to be held this Friday. Please pray!

First 300,000 Petition Signatures Delivered
to Notre Dame Board Members, Fr. Jenkins

Copies being rushed to Rome, Papal Nuncio,
USCCB and ND Bishop John D’Arcy

MANASSAS, VA, April 29, 2009 ( – This morning the first 300,000 names of individuals who signed the petition at – opposing the University of Notre Dame’s decision to honor President Barack Obama at this year’s commencement – began to be delivered to Notre Dame president Rev. John I. Jenkins, C.S.C., the Board of Trustees and the Board of Fellows as they prepare for scheduled meetings on Friday, May 1, at Notre Dame.

Each copy of the first 300,000 signatures filled up two large binders.

As of this morning, more than 344,000 people have signed the petition, but because of the overwhelming number of signers The Cardinal Newman Society says it took them more than 24 hours to prepare the data and print more than 64,000 sheets of paper, double-sided, which were then bound in notebooks and rushed to Father Jenkins and individual members of the Notre Dame Board of Trustees and Board of Fellows.

Copies of the petitions are also being rushed by The Cardinal Newman Society, which sponsored the petition, to

  • Archbishop Zenon Cardinal Grocholewski,
    Prefect of the Vatican’s Congregation for Catholic Education;
  • Archbishop Pietro Sambi,
    the Apostolic Nuncio (Vatican ambassador) to the United States;
  • Francis Cardinal George,
    President of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB);
  • Bishop John D’Arcy,
    of Fort Wayne-South Bend, who presides over Notre Dame;
  • Bishop Robert McManus,
    Chairman of the USCCB Education Committee.

“Only the Notre Dame Trustees and Fellows have direct authority over Father Jenkins, so their meetings on Friday are our best hope for an end to this scandal,” said Patrick J. Reilly, President of The Cardinal Newman Society.

It is critical for all of us to pray that the Trustees and Fellows charged with safeguarding Notre Dame’s Catholic identity will heed the 50 bishops and hundreds of thousands of faithful Catholics urging Notre Dame to withdraw its invitation to President Obama.”

The University of Notre Dame is governed by a 12-member Board of Fellows, including six Holy Cross priests, who are charged with ensuring “that the University maintains its essential character as a Catholic institution of higher learning.” The Fellows delegate most of their governing authority to the 38-member Board of Trustees, comprised mostly of lay people.

The university’s charter states: “The essential character of the University as a Catholic institution of higher learning shall at all times be maintained, it being the stated intention and desire of the present Fellows of the University that the University shall retain in perpetuity its identity as such an institution.”

Source of article:


Today is the feast day of St. Catherine of Siena, known for her efforts to mediate difficult situations. We can ask her to intercede for the needs of this present controversy.

. . .In 1375 Catherine gained an international reputation by mediating the conflict between the papacy and the city of Florence, and then used her influence to advise kings and make political treaties. Catherine was influential in convincing the timid Pope Gregory XI to leave Avignon in France (where the popes had resided for many years) and return to Rome, freeing the Church from excessive French influence. . . .In 1970 Pope Paul VI declared her a Doctor (an eminent and reliable teacher) of the Church – one of the few women to be so honored. St. Catherine was a member of the Dominican lay order, and is a patron saint of the laity. . . .In an era in which women were in many ways oppressed, St. Catherine found true “liberation” – not by political movements or activism, but by surrendering completely to Christ.

Source of excerpt about St. Catherine:


To sign the petition sponsored by the Cardinal Newman Society, please go to

You can then visit and to learn more.

Also, remember the “Rosary Novena” initiated by NDResponse and leading up to May 17.  


Separate from the Notre Dame issues, there is another rosary prayer effort scheduled for this weekend and it also is for pro-life intentions. Please visit to learn more.

To non-Catholic readers:
Please realize that this is not just a “Catholic” issue. Integrity and consistency in one’s beliefs and actions is a matter of concern for everyone, especially when respect for the sanctity of human life is involved. And please don’t be offended by the prayers of the rosary. They are very Biblical and I’d be happy to share more about that with anyone who asks.

To all:

Let’s also combine our prayers with fasting, as Jesus taught:

And he said unto them, This kind can come forth by nothing, but by prayer and fasting. (Mark 9:29, KJV)


Then the disciples approached Jesus in private and said, “Why could we not drive it [the demon in the boy] out?” He said to them, “Because of your little faith. Amen, I say to you, if you have faith the size of a mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.” (Matthew 17:19-20, NAB)

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