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Let’s Keep on Advocating

April 28, 2009


Kathleen Sebelius was confirmed as HHS Secretary with vote of 65-31, around 5pm today.

You can see how each of your Senators voted at Maybe you’ll want to send follow-up messages letting them know your opinion of their decisions.

David Hamilton hearing tomorrow. I’ll put an article on his sub-page in Sidebar 1. You may want to write to the committee who will be questioning him tomorrow, as well as your own Senators in case the committee quickly acts to send his nomination to the full Senate. He could be a very dangerous judge, based upon his performance in lower level courts, so let’s voice our concerns. Just because the Cabinet nominees were confirmed despite protests (the Sebelius confirmation did get delayed thanks to Senators who tried to do what their constituents requested), that doesn’t mean we should give up and stop speaking up.

Please be learning on your own about the “Hate Crimes” legislation that is moving forward. I don’t know when I’ll be able to provide details.


With all the state legislation in action this week, especially for April 29, it’s not practical for me to update the “alert” message box at the top of this blog’s Home page.

Please use the Search box in Sidebar 2 to locate bills by bill number. (It’s easiest if you use the four digits without the letter prefix of a bill number.) That will help turn up all Posts and Pages referencing whatever bill you want to find. Remember, SJR0127 is a very significant bill to keep working on. And please use the official state site at for many details that I can’t fully provide.

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