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One Woman’s Story…

April 20, 2009

…that gives perspective on the struggles facing many other women. Her story shows many of the reasons why we must do all we can to help!

I Was a Pregnant College Student

by Terri Kimmel

April 20th, 2009

My daughter was conceived the summer between my junior and senior years in college. Though I wasn’t attending classes, I was working. I was fatigued immediately, before I knew I was pregnant. During all my waking hours, sleep was the primary thing on my mind. I couldn’t get enough. I rode my bicycle from my apartment to work, which was a hardship when I was so tired.

. . .

I remember talking to my dad, who was the only supportive person in my extended family, telling him that I understood how women who were as sick as me could choose abortion. I also understood the financial aspect. A quick fix to the suffering and complexity was seductive. I would never have chosen that option, but it crossed my mind.

. . .

Approximately 25% of women who have abortions are college-aged. Today when I stand outside the abortion clinic praying and watching the young women arrive, I am sad, but I feel compassion for them. There was no support for me on campus when I was pregnant. Overall, the atmosphere was hostile. I understand the pressures, the prejudice, the lack of resources, the fear, and the absence of options. I had an advantage that many pregnant students don’t have. When I conceived, I was already married.

When a woman decides that aborting her child is the lesser of two evils, something is gravely wrong. Part of the problem is a matter of a properly formed conscience. Equally salient, however, are the cultural pressures women face. If we want to end abortion, the pro-life movement needs to take responsibility for actively building a Culture of Life. This means more than bumper stickers and protests. Changing the atmosphere on college campuses is an excellent starting place. Feminists for Life has great resources and guidance. Individual attitudes are powerful agents of change too.

Women in college deserve better than choosing between their children and their college careers. A Culture of Life will provide support and options. It will celebrate and venerate the dignity of motherhood. It will make abortion unthinkable. Even more important than making abortion illegal, building a Culture of Life should be our goal.

Source: Consider reading the full article and the comments that go with it.

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