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Sebelius and the Senate

April 18, 2009

Senate Committee Will Vote Tuesday
on Pro-Abortion Kathleen Sebelius Nomination

by Steven Ertelt, Editor
April 17, 2009

Washington, DC ( — The Senate Finance Committee has scheduled a vote on the nomination of pro-abortion Kansas governor Kathleen Sebelius to become the Health Secretary for President Barack Obama. The vote will take place on Tuesday and pro-life advocates are mounting a strong eleventh-hour bid to defeat her.

Sebelius is expected to win confirmation from the committee and to have her nomination sent to the full Senate for consideration.

During the hearings, members of the panel were criticized for asking very few questions of Sebelius on abortion despite her extensive pro-abortion record vetoing numerous pro-life bills and her close ties to late-term abortion practitioner George Tiller.

On Sunday, Family Research Council president Tony Perkins will speak at a news conference across the street from Tiller’s infamous abortion center, where he does hundreds of late-term and post-viability abortions every year.

Perkins will address the latest financial and ethical lapses of Governor Sebelius and her deep financial ties to Tiller.

“These revelations include a 2002 letter from George Tiller in which he claims that he personally contributed $200,000 to ProKanDo, a political action committee dedicated to defeating Sebelius’ pro-life opponent,” he told “This letter follows an admission of tax problems by Governor Sebelius and a failure to report more than $23,000 in direct campaign contributions from Tiller.”

Tiller has escaped prosecution and accountability thus far for allegedly repeatedly violating state abortion laws and he has done so in part because of the lax standards of Sebelius and her political allies, to whom Tiller has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars. Governor Sebelius vetoed a bill last April that the legislature approved that would have strengthened the state’s limits on late-term abortions.

That followed by a year her veto of a bill requiring explicit medical reasons for a late abortion, which was preceded by vetoing other pro-life legislation in 2006, 2005 and 2003.

Sebelius went as far as to coordinate a secret event with Tiller at the governor’s mansion that was criticized because her staff failed to officially report the event.

Her position favoring abortion is so radical and extreme that Archbishop Joseph Naumann of Kansas City called on her to stop receiving communion until she disowns her support for the “serious moral evil” of abortion.

At the first Senate committee hearing on her nomination, Senator Tom Coburn, an Oklahoma Republican, asked Sebelius about the dangerous abortion drug RU 486 that has resulted in the deaths of more than a dozen women worldwide and injured more than 1,400 in the United States alone.

He asked Sebelius if the Obama administration had any plans to classify the abortion drug as an “emergency contraceptive” — which would exempt it from the Hyde amendment that prohibits direct taxpayer funding of abortions.

“As far as I know, there are no plans, I certainly have had no discussions with anyone about changing that policy,” she said. Responding further, Sebelius added, “Again, I am not confirmed as secretary, I haven’t had those discussions.”

HELP Committee ranking member Mike Enzi also nominally addressed abortion during the first Sebelius hearing.

“We may not always agree on every issue. I am and will remain staunchly pro-life and will continue to advocate for legislation to protect the rights of the unborn,” he said.


Please consider contacting your two U.S. Senators asking them to oppose the nomination. The committee is scheduled to vote on Tuesday; no news yet when the full Senate will vote, so please don’t give up. We cannot let apathy or discouragement set in. Call/Write and voice your view because even though the likely outcome is predictable, it is very important that the Senate knows that outcome is contrary to the will of many citizens. And while you’re speaking on the phone or writing at your computer, please also ask your Senators to oppose the nominations of Dawn Johnsen and David Hamilton.

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