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More Action You Can Take – Today!

April 2, 2009

Today is an example of why I’m hoping you check in on this blog frequently, rather than me sending email to people who might not be as interested as you are!

There are now TWO reasons to call your two Senators, as soon as you can. I finally got to call mine and the lady who answered in one of the offices didn’t know the status of Amendment 828 (see other post for today), and she couldn’t look it up at that moment because their Web site wasn’t responding.

But she did explain where we can find information that I think she said is updated at approximately 30-minute intervals :

  1. Go to
  2. In the far right-hand column, find the tan-colored block that has a picture of the Senate chamber and four links.
  3. Click the fourth link (“Votes”).
  4. The list of “Recent Votes” shows the two most recently posted results. (Notice that the page says “Refreshed every 20 minutes.”) Click the “more” link to see other vote results.

Those steps apply to votes in general.

The next part applies to the vote on the amendment mentioned in today’s other post.

You are looking for a particular amendment to the budget resolution. They will probably be identified as Issue “S.Con.Res. 13” and Question “S.Amdt. 828“. (The preferred Result is “Agreed To“.) The Description will probably begin something like this: “Coburn Amdt. No. 828”.

That’s how you can check the status of that proposed legislation. But first, please be sure you call your two Senators about it! And while you’re on the phone, please also ask the people who answer to record your request for the Senators to vote on another issue that is supposedly going to be presented tonight.

This is an issue that I thought we’d have a little more time to address, so I haven’t mentioned it previously, preferring to emphasize the conscience rights. Hopefully you are already familiar with the name Kathleen Sebelius, currently the Governor of Kansas and also the nominee for Secretary of Health and Human Services. (Yes, that’s the same HHS department where we are sending comments.)

If you’re not familiar with her and the reasons to oppose her nomination, please ask, or do a search online. I have to leave soon so I don’t have time to prepare material for you to read, but will try to find some quick links. But before that, I’m asking you to consider calling your two Senators to ask that they vote against her nomination. She had hearings in two Senate committees this week, and apparently the full Senate will vote on her nomination quickly — perhaps tonight.

I’m hearing that the budget resolution votes will be wrapping up soon, but please do still make the phone calls, if you are so inclined. I have no idea how the conscience amendment (Coburn’s #828) will do, but I doubt that our calls will make a significant difference in the Sebelius nomination. However, everytime you exercise your civic-action muscles 🙂 you will be getting stronger and more courageous at speaking up and you’ll be more prepared for taking action when needed in more closely contested situations!

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